future tools now is an ongoing conversation about how we can design desirable futures today. This space is an archive and holds resources.

http://future-tools-now.eu holds information about upcoming events.

A series of interviews, talks and discussions organized by the team of Iconstorm, a group of curious people looking for new perspectives on what's ahead. We see this format as a learning space where we explore the tools that shape the innovations needed for sustainable futures.

past future tools (co-)creations


Restart:Post-Covid happended between Tokyo, Singapore and Frankfurt on the 21st of May.

English documentation

future tools now - A look back at the first event in 2020 * iconstorm

Deutsche Dokumentation

future tools now - Erste Veranstaltung 2020 im R├╝ckblick * iconstorm

See the edited video recording (1 hour): https://vimeo.com/435653168

Insights from the group discussion Summed up by our friends from ideactio

Tri-City Insights.pdf